Multimodal Image Processing and System Design

For performing more advanced image analysis of studies, there is extensive knowledge and experience in image processing of multimodal data. The Medical Imaging and Processing group (MEDISIP) of the Ghent University has expertise in (pre)clinical data analysis and in advanced functional neuroscience studies (PET, EEG, fMRI and optogenetics) like functional connectivity.

Besides expertise in image analysis and postprocessing there is also broad knowledge on the design of SPECT, PET and CT systems. Monte Carlo Simulation tools are used to predict performance of new systems or to understand image degrading effects in existing systems. This expertise is extended with knowledge of radiation detector (based on PSMT or SiPM) and collimator design. In combination with our knowledge of positioning and reconstruction algorithms, complete prototypes have been built.

Services multimodality image processing and system design:

Expertise in image analysis and postprocessing
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Design of SPECT, PET and CT systems
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