Multimodal Image Processing and System Design

Brainamp MR plus

Brainproducts Gmbh, Germany
The BrainAmpMR Plus enables simultaneous EEG-fMRI recordings to investigate the electrophysiological as well as the hemodynamic information of cerebral dynamics. The High Density recordings allow for accurate sampling of brain activity on the scalp surface.

The system exists of 4 Brainamp MR plus amplifiers, 2 PowerPack battery’s, 2 Braincaps MR (32-channels, 128-channels).
1 brainamp MR plus amplifier records 32 EEG-channels.
1 battery PowerPack device allows to record 64 EEG channels.
The system is modular and expandable.

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Custom Made Prototypes

These prototypes are developed in house and are the basis of the next generation of emission tomography systems. They can be used for molecular imaging of small animals (PET or SPECT).

The systems are based on four important developments

  • High resolution detectors
  • Monolithic scintillators and highly sampled readout (SiPM or PSPMT based)
  • Innovative positioning methods
  • Advanced image reconstruction

The results are more compact systems, lightweight and portable with a higher spatial resolution.

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Benchtop SPECT, PET and CT

Molecubes γ-CUBE (SPECT), β-CUBE (PET) and X-CUBE (CT)

Benchtop: 54 cm x 54 cm x 54 cm cubes that fit a standard table, are transportable and GLP proof.
Operating on the same software platforms they function as easily in modular as stand-alone mode.

  • γ-CUBE (SPECT): Field of view: 12 mm x 30 mm, Spatial Resolution: <0.6 mm, Sensitivity: 0.12%, Reconstruction Code: 3D MLEM, 3D OSEM, Weight: <80 kg
  • X-CUBE (CT): Field of view: 35 mm x 63 mm, Spatial Resolution: 0.05 mm, Reconstruction Code: FDK, ISRA, Weight: <100kg
  • β-CUBE (PET): Field of view: 130 mm x 72 mm, Spatial Resolution: <1 mm, Sensitivity: >10%, Reconstruction Code: FBP, 3D MLEM, 3D OSEM, Weight: <90 kg

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